Special Events

The Special Events solution is a strategy for managing reoccurring events such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. This solution is built around a task management App. There are many task management Apps in the marketplace to choose from, and the strategies presented on this website can be easily applied to most. For my demonstrations, I will use both Apple Reminders and Microsoft To Do. Apple Reminders is restricted to Apple products only, whereas Microsoft To Do works on any digital platform. MS To Do can be downloaded from any App Store.

Learn how to use Apple Reminders.

Learn how to use Microsoft To Do.

In the following 1-minute videos, I will create two types of lists and then demonstrate how to "Group" them in a folder titled "Special Events."

NOTE: Videos contain NO audio. Visual presentation only.

Apple Reminders

Microsoft To Do

Same Day

The "Same Day" list is used to remind me to either call, text or E-mail someone on the actual day of the special event. For me, this is the most common approach for recognizing someone's special day. In the following two videos, I will demonstrate how to create a specific task:

Apple Reminders

Microsoft To Do


If the special event will require some planning and multiple actions to be taken, I recommend creating a specific list for the individual. For this example, I will use my wife Lisa. The following are examples of the types of annually repeating reminders that I have created related to her Birthday:

  • Create a Project for Lisa's Birthday (4-weeks before B-day)
  • Order B-day card online (3-weeks before B-day)
  • Order gifts online from Gift Ideas list (3-weeks before B-day)
  • Talk to Lisa about B-day dinner and dessert (2-weeks before B-day)
  • Send kids a text regarding Mom's Birthday (2-weeks before B-day)
  • Wrap gifts and fill out card (1-week before B-day)
  • Blow up balloons (3-days before B-day)
  • Hang up balloons and B-day sign (night before at 10pm)
  • Lisa's Birthday (Day of her Birthday at 6am)

Gift Ideas

As is often the case when I am going about the business of life, I think of gift ideas for the special people in my life.  If I tried to recall the ideas that had come to mind over the prior months, I likely would not remember too many if any at all!  The solution I came up was to add a Gift Ideas group to my iPLAN℠.

In the following two examples, you will see that I have created a list for each family member:

Apple Reminders

Microsoft To Do

The Gift Ideas group was a simple addition to my personal iPLAN℠ System, yet it produces excellent results in the form of a much greater likelihood of giving gifts that individuals want or need.  The process also relieves the stress of trying to come up with gift ideas or trying to remember an idea.

If you decide to implement this strategy, I think you will be quite surprised regarding the number of special events that you are managing either by trying to remember or some other method. For me, the Special Events solution is a real gem and I can't imagine it not being part of my standardized system for getting the business of life done!

Stop trying to remember everything!  Let your  iPLAN℠ System do all the work of remembering and reminding.

Action: Create a Special Events group.

Action: Create a "Same Day" list and add names and dates to your list. If you don't have time now, then block off some time on your calendar.

Action: Create specific lists for special events that require planning and multiple actions.

Action:  Create a Gift Ideas group and the lists that you will need, and then enter any ideas that come to mind.

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