Gift Wrapping Station

QUESTION:  How long does it take you to wrap a single gift?  Don’t forget to add the time it takes to find, and eventually return, the tape, wrapping paper, bows, scissors, etc.  “Does anybody know where the tape is?”  “Are we really out of wrapping paper?”  “Do we have any gift boxes?”  

Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you answered, “Yes,” then maybe it is time to experiment with the Gift Wrapping Station solution.

In our home, the wrapping station is permanent as there are always gifts to be wrapped throughout the year.  In addition, the solution also doubles as a place to prepare packages to be shipped.

The Holiday Season, for many, involves wrapping numerous gifts.  One of the many benefits of a wrapping station is being able to quickly wrap (zero setup time required) a few gifts here and there as time permits.  We make it a goal to wrap a couple of gifts each day, and before you know it, the job is done, if one gets started early enough.  I work out of the home, so I achieve my daily wrapping goal as a way of taking a mental break from the computer screen.

The wrapping station is just one example of things we have done as part of our ongoing quest to master the art of living!

More Done.  Less Stress.