Digital Packing List

MY DIGITAL PACKING LIST ENABLES MORE CICA (Collaborative, Innovative, Customer-centered, Agile). We are preparing for an annual family trip to a cottage on a lake in Michigan. My ever improving packing list currently consists of 76 items which I have organized into 8 different lists. I have one list specific to our trip to the cottage.

Collaborative: My wife and I have divided up some of the items that we take, so that we do not duplicate efforts. Neither worries about an item being missed as we both utilize a packing list.

Innovative: My PL is an accumulation of learning over time. My cottage list has some unusual items such as WD40, for example. In the past, we have experienced squeaky doors and kitchen cabinets and also a sliding screen door that did not slide very well. No worries! I now bring WD40. Problem solved!

Customer-centered: In the evening, we like to relax or play games in the cottage after a day of lake adventures. In order to create the best possible experience, I ensure that the lighting in the cabin is relaxing by replacing the light bulbs with 40 watt soft white bulbs. In the past, the lamps have come with a mix of watts and colors (bright white and soft white). Just one example of intentionally creating the best possible experience for everyone. 

Agile: My packing list saves lots of time as I do not need to try and recall (over and over in my mind) everything that I will need. I just focus on packing and checking the box.  If we discover something that would have made the experience even better (extra spoons and forks or leftovers containers), it is quick and easy to add the item to the list in real time.

The positive experience (less stress, never forgetting anything important, best possible experience) associated with my standardized and ever improving packing list encourages me to use checklists for other important events that make up getting the business of life done for me personally.

I think digital packing list training would be a great training for everyone as it is a real life example that everyone can relate to personally. The packing list training can be used to plant CICA thinking and doing into a culture. CICA cultures are made of individuals who operate in a CICA way. Cultures are practically built one person at a time. There are no shortcuts or “check the box” programs, and that is why CICA cultures are rare and a competitive advantage for the few that daily build CICA cultures in simple and practical ways, such as packing list training.