In Step 2, we will build upon the fundamentals learned and applied in Step 1.    

Apple Notes & Reminders

Microsoft OneNote and To Do

By the end of Step 2, you will have implemented powerful processes and Winning Strategies to support your daily journey towards living your best life!

Backpack / Portable Office

Overview of an alternative option to the traditional work backpack and what you need to pack for maximum productivity, wherever the business of life takes you.

Home Office

Whether for personal or professional use, a home office is essential for living your best life.  It is the the corporate center of your life, where both administration and planning takes place.

Weekly Meeting Process

My wife and I have a standing weekly meeting where we address the business of life as it relates to our family.  In this solution, we demonstrate a solution for capturing topics to be discussed that are not urgent, but definite important!

Powerful Checklists

In this solution, we will build on an existing checklist and  introduce a few more checklists to consider that will enable you to get more accomplished with less stress.

Projects & 43 Folders

For this solution, we will expand upon what you have already learned regarding both Projects and 43 Folders.

More Done.  Less Stress.